Prepare your pet

Your pet and your pet sitter will need to be prepared in order to work well together. This will only lead to an exceptional pet sitting experience for everyone and keep your pet calm, safe, and happy.

Prepare your home

You need to prepare your house sitter for whatever difficulties or special needs your particular home may possess. Look around and make your list to ensure that your house sitter can do the best job possible.

Pet safety

Just as assembling a well stocked first aid kit for your pet and family will better prepare you to care for your pet during an emergency situation, ensuring that your pet sitter has all of your pet's information on hand is important.


Pet Tech
Pet Tech - Pet First Aid & CPR Training Pet Tech, cat, dog, pets, first aid class

Peninsula Critter Care is First Aid and CPR Trained. Pet Tech is the first international training center dedicated to First Aid, CPR & Care for dogs and cats.

Petfinder - Adopt a homeless pet

Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes.

Premier Pet Sitters of Greater San Mateo

PPSM is a group of reliable, honest & conscientious pet care professionals. They are a networking group of primarily pet sitters &dog walkers, who meet monthly to learn current, pertinent pet care information.

House Pals
House Pals

House Pals provides eco-friendly Residential and Commercial cleaning services to the San Francisco Bay Area.


Important Peninsula Critter Care Forms

Below are forms that you will need to sign and provide to us when scheduling our services.

Upon scheduling services with us, please complete the appropriate form(s), then mail, return in person, or scan and e-mail to: